Key articles on the New World Order :
🌏Bank of America on the new world order: Bigger governments, tech wars, less privacy, and ‘health the new wealth’!
🌏Facebook covers genuine video of Chicago Mayor supporting “New World Order”!
🌏We must invent a new world order now to stop Covid-19!
🌏New world order acolyte Melinda Gates appears on Today show pushing hard for a global vaccine while wearing an upside down cross!
🌏Back from 2017…..France’s Emmanuel Macron is the greatest hope for a new world order!
🌏The Coronavirus plannedemic is an act of war designed to crash the global economies and bring in the New World Order with a digital ID!
🌏The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order!
🌏We must invent a new world order now to stop Covid-19!
🌏COVID-19 is writing a new world order!
We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”—David Rockefeller, Sept. 23, 1994
▪︎ UN Reveals Latest Plan: ‘New World Order’
▪︎ AI World Government!:
Someone has to lead this New World Order. The Bible says it will be a man called The Antichrist, but he is not here yet. The Church must be removed before this man-with-a-plan can appear!
▪︎ Contact Tracing: Your governors, red or blue, are coming after you!
▪︎ Your “Immunity Passport” Future Begins to Materialize as Airlines Call for DigitalID Tracking Systems!
▪︎ ‘Forced’ vaccinations will control your life, warns religious-liberty group!
▪︎ W.H.O. says Coronavirus Crisis ‘Worsening’, Prescribes ‘Active Surveillance’ of Infected Populations!
▪︎ China’s Surveillance Technology Is Keeping Tabs on Populations Around the World!
▪︎ Gulf states using COVID-19 contact tracing apps as mass surveillance tools, report says!
▪︎ Facebook releases Libra!
▪︎ Libra’s Long Road From a Facebook Lab to the Global Stage!
▪︎ The Libra Association appoints Sterling Daines as Chief Compliance Officer!
▪︎ Former UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown called on world leaders to form a temporary global government in response to the corona pandemic and so also former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair dismissing Trump’s Coronavirus Leadership in Call for More Global Government!.
▪︎ Proposal Put Forth by the UK to Transform the G7 into the ‘D10’!
▪︎ At the same time, the U.N.’s Antonio Guterres called for a 10% global tax to prop up world economies!
Jan Markel has this to say….
“The globalists have waited for a crisis—but who knew it would be health-related?! Health is wealth as the saying goes . If you lose it, you lose everything. It can involve pain and suffering. If you scare enough people with health related problems, they will melt like warm butter in your hand!! They will welcome anyone….a  Mr. Fix It who can guarantee them the basics in life, including a vaccine that will forever protect them and give them their sports and entertainment back!
Enter Bill Gates, one of the world’s most prominent globalists. He is a younger version of George Soros!
▪︎ Attorney Busted for Throwing Firebombs at NYPD was Backed by Soros!
▪︎ Police Officers All Over America  Are Quitting Their Jobs because Of The George Floyd Protests!
He has billions of dollars to play with and he is doing so with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Right now their focus is a global digital ID that will be apart of a global vaccination plan. We are being  told that no one is safe from Covid 19 until we get a vaccination! Bill Gates has emerged as a global authority in the wake of this virus crisis, funding vaccines and advising governments on how to respond to the pandemic and this is coming from a man who knows nothing about the medical field! Gates was working to establish a global digital ID infrastructure long before the outbreak, which is now promoted as a way to combat the virus!”
▪︎ Pfizer CEO claims COVID-19 vaccine could be ready by October end, says report!
▪︎ Boris Johnson to discuss coronavirus vaccine efforts with Bill and Melinda Gates!
▪︎ Boris Johnson Invites Trump to Attend Virtual Global Vaccine Summit on 4 June!
▪︎ Introducing V-Health™ – ‘The Peoples Passport’!
ID2020….a project initiated by Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, pharmaceutical corporations, and technology firms is pushing the concept that every human on the planet needs biometric verification because, ‘to prove who you are  is a fundamental and universal human right,’ according to the ID2020 website! The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who appears with Trump at the daily news briefings, recently confirmed in an interview with CNN  the idea of Americans carrying “certificates of immunity” to identify people who have been infected with the Covid-19 virus!
▪︎ Dr. Fauci backed funding for controversial Wuhan lab! Is ID2020 the “Mark of the Beast”? To have the “Mark”, we need a “Beast” and the Antichrist does not show up until the Church is removed in the Rapture. Is this a forerunner? It certainly is!!
The climate change crowd is motivated by one  world ideas. There are many globalist organizations starting with the United Nations but also the Bilderbergers, Club of Rome, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Silicon Valley, the Vatican and so many more. Pope Francis is called “the Vicar of the New World Order.” Their plan is hidden in plain view on the Georgia Guide stones, erected in Georgia in 1980. The first goal is to get earth’s population down to five hundred million people!! The world is crying for a leader! The European Union is melting. Israel God’ prophetic time piece finally formed a shaky “emergency coalition government” after a year of government failure and is now going ahead with the annexation on the 1st of July! Over half the world has asked the International Monetary Fund for a bailout! A cashless society is being pushed. A universal income is being  promoted by the Pope! The entire globe is in disorder….set up for the Antichrist to bring about ‘ORDER OUT OF DISORDER’
World leaders are confused and terrified and globalists never let a crisis go to waste!!!
There isn’t a storm coming the storm is here!!The globalists will seize this opportunity to install what they think is their perfect form of government and that is a one world system but they have a major obstacle….the Church is still here! Though there is foreshawdowing of a one  world government , a one world currency and a one world religion forming, it cannot come to fruition until the Tribulation!! The Bible is clear that God has prepared a plan to take out the Church via the Rapture!!
The real pandemic facing the world today is 100 percent fatal not only to physical life, but to life that follows physical death. It is the virus called sin!. Each and every person who has ever been born on this fallen planet with the exception of One, the Lord Jesus Christ! To avoid being terminally and eternally ill because of this terrible, spiritual virus, confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus Christ, who died for your sins. Believe then in your spiritual heart that He rose from the dead. Do this and you  have God’s Word on it. You are now saved.” (Romans10: 9—10)!!