As Pastor Andy Woods stated….The world is set up like a chessboard for the tribulation!!
Key headlines from the World Economic Forum:
▪︎ World Economic Forum and UN Sign Strategic Partnership Framework!
▪︎ The Great Reset: A Unique Twin Summit to Begin 2021!
▪︎ Now is the time for a ‘great reset’: In every crisis, there is an opportunity!

SCRIPTURE: Revelation 13: 2-4,7,Revelation 13:16-17, Revelation 17:12-13.
A GLOBAL RESET FOR…A one world government!
▪︎ Bill Gates’ Quantum Dot Digital Tattoo Implant to Track COVID-19 Vaccine Compliance!!
▪︎ Under the guise of fighting covid -19 coronavirus, world governments are using digital surveillance at levels previously unimaginable!!
▪︎ Bill gates is confident that he can leverage the coronavirus to make every person on earth receive a vaccination with digital ID!
▪︎ Introducing V-Health™ – ‘The Peoples Passport’!
▪︎ Emmanuel Macron And Bill Gates Held First New World Order Virtual Meeting To Mobilize All G7 And G20 Nations In COVID-19 Global Response Team!
▪︎ Proposal Put Forth by the UK to Transform the G7 into the ‘D10’!!
▪︎ The United Kingdom’s former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called on world leaders to form a “temporary” global government
▪︎ Contact Tracing: Your governors, red or blue, are coming after you!!
▪︎ Your “Immunity Passport” Future Begins to Materialize as Airlines Call for DigitalID Tracking Systems!
The World’s most secure Digital Health Passport, built on patented technology, awarded the ‘Seal of Excellence’ by the European Commission and being used by various United Nations Projects!
▪︎ DOD and HHS being Awarded a $138 Million contract to ApiJect systems to provide prefilled COVID-19 vaccine syringes with RFID microchip tracking system!
▪︎United Nations secretary- general Antinio Guterres unveils Covid-19 global vaccination panel headed up by Emmauel Macron and Melinda Gates!!
A GLOBAL RESET FOR…..A one world currency!!
▪︎ Microsoft not only funds ID2020 but they also filed a patent for a device that interacts with the pulse,temperature and brain waves connected to the human body for buying and selling cryptocurrecy!

▪︎ The ID2020 Covid-19 ‘IMMUNITY PASSPORT’ combines digital identity with vaccinations,blockchain and nanotechnogy!
 ▪︎ ID2020 announces work is completed on first ever certification mark for ‘Kiva protocal’ implementing a global digital ID for buying and selling!!
▪︎ Mastercard joins blockchain digital identity alliance ID2020!
▪︎ China’s Central Bank to Run Simulations of Digital Currency Use!!
A GLOBAL RESET FOR…. A one world religion!!
Pope francis has been extremely busy on the world stage with the GLOBAL ecumenical movement!

▪︎ Pope Francis Unveiled a Globalist New World Religion at Summit with the United Nations Leader and revealed the dogma that he intends to replace belief in Christ as savior!
▪︎ The Catholic-Muslim Interfaith Council Created By Pope Francis Announces New Chrislam Headquarters Opening In 2022 that Combines A Mosque And Church according to the Signed Covenant !
‘One World Religion’ Looms As Pope & Islam’s Top Imam Sign Historic Covenant!
▪︎ Pope Francis openly and repeatedly calls for a one-world religion, as well as for a one-world government to combat climate change!
▪︎ ‘Ring Of Peace’ United Nations One World Religion Interfaith Ceremony!
The word ‘unprecedented’ has become a part of our everday vocabulary! Yes the world as we know it has changed forever….and its never going back! The transition to a new world….A NEW WORLD ORDER has begun! Pastor Tom Hughes and Jan Markell stated that the last two times an event of this magnitude affected the entire globe was during Noah’s flood and the tower of Babel!
Here is what our sister in Christ Jan Markel had to say in her acticle… It would be so blatantly obvious that we are in the absolute last of the last days…if fact, the LAST HOUR!!! The stage is clearly being set for the tribulation, yet most people are clueless because Bible prophecy has been deemed irrelevant and inconvenient. The world is being prepared for a domonic saviour, yet the masses are not only clueless but they will run pell-mell into his arms! He will promise to restore order out of this choas! He is waiting in the wings! His title is the Antichrist! You never thought that you would live to see this day, did you? We’re are not just end time kooks wandering down Main Street warning about a zombie apocalyse. We’re warning that the Bible predicted some things that would set the stage for the final moments of history as we know it! The church would be removed before the curtain would go up and that final dramatic scene would be played out!
The reset, according to discussions by the IMF, is basically the next stage in the formation of a one-world economic system and global government. This falls in line with the solutions offered during the Event 201 pandemic simulation; a simulation of a coronavirus pandemic that was held by the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum only two months before the REAL THING happened at the beginning of 2020!!

Event 201 suggested that one of the top solutions to a pandemic would be the institution of a centralized global economic body that could handle the financial response to the coronavirus.
Is it not convenient that the events of the real coronavirus pandemic fall exactly in line with the Event 201 simulation, as well as directly in line with the global reset plans of the IMF and the World Economic Forum? As they say, let no crisis go to waste, or, as is the motto of the globalists “Order Out Of Chaos”.
With civil unrest about to become a way of life for many parts of the world including the US, and the pandemic set for a resurgence of infections after the “reopening”, creating a rationale for a second wave of lockdowns, the economy as we know it is being destroyed!!

The goal is rather obvious – terrify the population with poverty, internal conflicts and a broken supply chain until they lobby the establishment for help! Then, offer the “solution” of medical tyranny, immunity passports, martial law, a global economic system based on a cashless digital society in which privacy in trade is erased, and then slowly but surely form a faceless “multilateral” global government which answers to no one and does whatever it pleases! What the elites want is for the public to ASK, even beg for global governance. If the public is tricked into demanding it as a way to save them from the horrors of global chaos, then they are far less likely to rebel against it later.
“Problem – reaction – solution”
The pandemic is not going away anytime soon. Everyone should expect that state governments and the federal government will call for renewed lockdowns. With these new lockdowns, the US economy in particular will be finished. When the Antichrist will be revealed he will not require to set the stage for the New World Order…it will already be ready like its right now!!! All he will have to do is just flip the switch on…TO A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT…A ONE WORLD CURRENCY!
THAT FINAL SCENE IS IMMINENT!! Everthing is falling into place! Don’t delay putting your faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of your life. Your not guaranteed a tomorrow to make that call!