The Coming war against Israel


It takes a spark to get a fire going…that fire has been lit! As we take a look at the prophetic canvas with Israel being the focal point as God’s prophetic time piece it so clearly tells us that we are in the…FINAL HOUR!
Biden’s insistence on reviving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), or what is more commonly known as the Iran Nuclear deal, is bound to sour US-Israel ties. Biden wants to revive the Nuclear deal probably because it was a brainchild of his former boss, Barack Obama but he is simply not willing to realise that the costs that any such move to revive the JCPOA can impose. Israel perceives Iran as an existential threat and considers any move to revive the JCPOA as a huge national security threat. And now Israel is making its reservations and future plans known to the United States of America. Israel’s former Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon has made it clear that the Jewish nation would consider a range of potential responses if and when US President Joe Biden re-joins the JCPOA.
What Danon is trying to say here is that Israel will not hesitate in going to war with Iran should Biden make the mistake of re-joining the Iran Nuclear deal. 
Danon claims that a lot has changed in the last five years and if the US decides to reinvigorate the JCPOA, then Israel would have to take tough decisions against Iran. He said, “The Iran of 2021 is not the Iran of 2016. Today, they are in a much more advanced condition, unfortunately.” He added, “If the U.S. would decide to re-enter the agreement as it is, Israel will have to recalculate regarding the Iranian nuclear race, so you know in the past we raised our options, and I’m sure we will bring them up again.”
So, the message is clear from Israel- any US attempt to revive the JCPOA will have consequences, and Israel will not hesitate in going for even an all-out war against the Shi’ite nation.
Iran is setting up shop in Damascus and openly state their religiously-driven plans to destroy Israel. Airstrikes in 2017 and 2018 by Israel against weapons convoys (gifts from Iran to Hezbollah), and an Iranian built installments near Damascus makes one wonder how close we are to Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38!
We can so clearly see the UN and the Pope getting very involved with Israel!
There is a war that is coming against Israel and from that war  give a chance for Mr. Fix it to bring about peace…FALSE PEACE!
These headlines say it all!…
▪︎ Iran Won’t Calm Down Until It Avenges Soleimani’s Assassination: Rouhani!
▪︎ Fatah’s New Year Resolution : Terror, Terror And More Terror!
▪︎Israel, Saudi Arabia reportedly pushing Trump for a strike on Iran ahead of Biden inauguration!
▪︎’Hezbollah attack on northern Israel is very likely’!
▪︎Iran commander vows ‘resistance’ a year after Soleimani killing!
▪︎ Israeli minister warns of war if Biden returns to Iran Deal!
▪︎ If Biden is President an Israel Iran war could be on the horizon top Israeli minister warns!
▪︎ If Biden wins Israel could be ‘forced’ to take action against Iran, says minister!
▪︎ Rabbi of Noahide court warns a Biden victory means Gog Magog War!
▪︎Iran warns Israel of ‘crushing’ reply to ‘hit and run’ strikes in Syria!
▪︎IDF chief warns Iran against attack, says retaliation plans already drawn up!
▪︎If Iran or its proxies attack Israel, they will pay heavy price – Kochavi!
▪︎Chief of Staff warns Iran: We will strike all who attack us!
▪︎IDF: Our subs sail everywhere; Iran: Our response to any attack will be strong!
▪︎Iranian official: The end of Israel is near!
▪︎Top Iran adviser vows ‘calculated and decisive’ response to nuke chief’s killing!
▪︎Iran Threatens Revenge ‘Like a Thunderbolt’
▪︎Hezbollah says its precision missiles doubled in a year, can hit all of Israel!
▪︎Gaza armed militias hold joint drills in message to Israel!
▪︎IDF launches its largest drill of the year, simulating war against Hezbollah!
▪︎Israel prepares military for large scale multi front war!
▪︎Netanyahu to Hezbollah: ‘Those who attack us will meet a steel fist’!
▪︎Lebanon’ Hezbollah is prepared as war time!
▪︎Israel-Hezbollah Conflict: Both Sides ‘Fully Prepared’ for Large-Scale War!
▪︎Iran and Hezbollah have war plans for the Golan Heights!
▪︎‘Israel will attack Iran if US re-enters nuclear deal’!
▪︎PA: Jerusalem is a ‘red line’!
▪︎ Netanyahu: Preemptive strike against Iran still an option!                                                ▪︎Israel talks tough on Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas: Our response to be extreme in next war!              ▪︎Top Israeli general says war plans with Iran are being re-visited!
▪︎IDF chief says he’s ordered fresh military plans to thwart Iran’s nuke program!
🔑🔓The Key That UNLOCKED The Final Countdown: We are the generation!
The miraculous rebirth of Israel as a nation🌱. Just as ISAIAH 66:8 says, on May 14, 1948, Israel became a nation in “one day.”
This sums everthing up from bro Chad’s (Watchman on the wall88) article…
Time is short. Jesus is coming soon! The KEY that unlocked the final countdown occurred on May 14, 1948.
The way things look around the world right now makes me think that the doorknob is turning and that trumpet is about to sound!