“We will be looking at what contact tracing looks like in the New World Order…” said Chant. 

She’s not the first to say it. Brad Hazzard, the Minister for Health and Medical Research in New South Wales, had a similar calamitous conference. “There’s a world pandemic. It’s a one-in-one-hundred year event. So, you can expect that we will have transmission from time to time, and that’s just the way it is. We’ve got to accept that this is the New World Order.”

New World Order sounds familiar for a reason – it is another pet slogan of the World Economic Forum.

The New World Order has two Wikipedia pages, one listed as ‘politics’ and the other as ‘conspiracy’ – both of these pages describe exactly the same thing; a centralised world government forming after a significant geopolitical power shift. 

Head of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab wrote a Harvard Business Review piece titled, ‘Power and Policy: The New Economic World Order’ where he detailed his belief that the industrialised world has been going through an economic revolution. Keep in mind, the article is written in 1994.

By 2018, the World Economic Forum was publishing articles insisting that we must all work together to hasten the rise of Asia and teach ourselves to embrace the New World Order. The United Nations have a similar song sheet. Before Covid, they spoke of the New World Order in the context of a green revolution and the dismantling of old industrialised nations in favour of empowering the third world. 

Build Back Better, The Great Reset, The New Normal, The New World Order, Net Zero, the Fourth Industrial Revolution are all pieces of the same puzzle! 
On their own, they appear either innocuous or ridiculous, but when placed together in the context of trillion-dollar corporate interests it spells out New World Order!

For our own safety, we are told that our lives belong in a network of cages with doors controlled by vaccine passports. Treats are dropped or withheld depending on our collective behaviour. We are presented with ‘free choices’ that have mandatory outcomes leading us down an ever-narrowing space that’s anything but ‘safe’. 

Communism gave us Covid – why would communism cure it?
The word corona in coronavirus means ‘crown’ in Latin. Coronavirus gets its name from the crownlike spikes that it has on its surface. Since the beginning, I’ve believed the mainstream news have hyped up the threat of COVID-19, well we know the globalists control this narrative! Isn’t the definition of terrorism “creating fear to push an agenda”?
The World Economic Forum announced that its postponed 2021 Davos summit, themed as “The Great Reset” in the coronavirus crisis, the high-profile gathering which attracts leaders across government, finance and economics, will be held in the Asian financial hub of Singapore from May 13th to 16th.
Its is nothing but the New World Order disguised as The Great Reset advocated by the World Economic Forum (WEF) which presented itself in 2015 as United Nations Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development and before that as Agenda 21.
The goal was to measure, monitor, inventory and control all things, including every human being on the planet.

The purpose of the “Great Reset” is to use the coronavirus pandemic as a justification—attendees repeatedly referred to it as an “opportunity”—to completely overhaul the entire global economy, including the U.S. economy, to make a more “equitable” world and to fight climate change, which was on numerous occasions identified as the world’s next great “crisis.”
In the words from their own mouths the plan by global elites to force the ‘great reset’, a phrase they themselves have coined and they are using all the events from COVID-19 to the race riots to bring it to pass!
When you understand that the Mark of the Beast is mostly a financial mark, controlling all buying and selling, is it any wonder that the ‘great reset’ is brought to us by the elites of the World Economic Forum?!
The Great Reset, a term the World Economic Forum (WEF) uses to promote their vision of a one world government. This represents the ultimate goal of all the elite globalists in the world!
The phrase “Build Back Better” is a popular talking point with salesmen for the globalist Great Reset. Biden, Johnson and Trudeau all use this phrase repeatedly in their speeches and tweets. Schwab and the politicians who support him – some of his biggest backers are PM Justin Trudeau of Canada, Prince Charles and PM Boris Johnson in Britain, and Joe Biden – think COVID offers the perfect opportunity to burn down what’s left of the post-World War II order and replace it with a hybrid form of communism and crony capitalism similar to what exists in China! They call it “stakeholder capitalism.”
In an open letter to President Donald Trump dated October 25, 2020, Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò wrote these chilling words about The Great Reset:
The purpose of the Great Reset is the imposition of a health dictatorship aiming at the imposition of liberticidal measures, hidden behind tempting promises of ensuring a universal income and cancelling individual debt. The price of these concessions from the International Monetary Fund will be the renunciation of private property and adherence to a program of vaccination against Covid-19 and Covid-21 promoted by Bill Gates with the collaboration of the main pharmaceutical groups. Beyond the enormous economic interests that motivate the promoters of the Great Reset, the imposition of the vaccination will be accompanied by the requirement of a health passport and a digital ID, with the consequent contact tracing of the population of the entire world. Those who do not accept these measures will be confined in detention camps or placed under house arrest, and all their assets will be confiscated.
Another key aspect to “The Great Reset,” or the “fourth industrial revolution” as Schwab calls it, is merging man with machine.
Using COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions to push through this transformation, the great reset is being rolled out under the guise of a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ in which older enterprises are to be driven to bankruptcy or absorbed into monopolies, effectively shutting down huge sections of the pre-COVID economy.
Economies are being ‘restructured’ and many jobs will be carried out by AI-driven machines.
“The Great Reset” is essentially just an updated blueprint for a New World Order.

The man behind “the Great Reset” is named Klaus Schwab.  He is the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, and elsewhere on the official site of the WEF there is an article by Schwab entitled “Now is the time for a ‘great reset'”.  The following is an excerpt from that article…
To achieve a better outcome, the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. 

“What the fourth industrial revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity,” Schwab told the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.
Schwab explains with excitement how upcoming technology will allow authorities to “intrude into the hitherto private space of our minds, reading our thoughts and influencing our behavior.”
The globalist hails the arrival of “implanted devices (that) will likely also help to communicate thoughts normally expressed verbally through a ‘built-in’ smartphone, and potentially unexpressed thoughts or moods by reading brain waves and other signals.”

So in other words, the “fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity” relates to the transhumanist singularity and a future where people have their every movement tracked and every thought read by an implantable microchip.
In a short video showcased on social media, the WEF predicts that by 2030, “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.” This is the vision that the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world have for the inhabitants of earth. 
The World Economic Forum was founded by German Professor Klaus Schwab and he announced: “The COVID-19 crisis has shown us that our old systems are not fit anymore for the 21stcentury. It has laid bare the fundamental lack of social cohesion, fairness, inclusion, and equality. Now is the historical moment, the time, not only to fight the virus but to shape the system … for the post COVID era… In short, we need a Great Reset!”
The global power brokers at the United Nations, World Economic Forum, the British royal family, the International Monetary Fund and the Vatican have told us why COVID-19 has been identified as the key to launching a “Great Reset“ of the global economic and social order with a global technocratic surveillance state that includes a new digital currency and digital ID system!!
Fratelli Tutti uses COVID-19 as justification for the Great Reset of the global economic and social order. In this encyclical, Pope Francis has aligned the Vatican with the United Nations 2030 Agenda, the International Monetary Fund, Bill Gates, George Soros and the World Economic Forum!

Depopulation of 95% of The World by 2030! Most are unaware that one of the greatest threats to their freedoms is a United Nations program which plans to depopulate 95% of the world!
As the coronavirus ravages the world’s economies conveniently Bill Gates and his Agenda 21 has made a reemergence into the public eye!
According to the United Nations website, Agenda 21 is a “comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations system, government, and major groups, in every area in which humans have impact on the environment”.

In a nutshell the plan call for governments to take control of all land use and not leave any of the desicion making in the hands of private property owners!
Doctor Carrie Madej studied DNA and vaccines for the past twenty years warns that there is a plan to inject humanity with very dangerous vaccines for Covid-19. The purpose of these new vaccines will be twofold: 
1) Reprogram our DNA and make us hybrids that are easier to control.
2) Connect us to artificial intelligence through a digital vaccine ID, which will also open a whole new realm of control.

Global depopulation tag-team! Anthony Fauci joins Bill Gates in calling for”Digital certificates”of coronavirus immunity! 
Population reduction has been the goal all along. But where the globalists have shown their true evil genius is in their choice of creating a biological weapon with high transmission rather than high fatality rates! The virus was never very deadly to people under the age of 50, but it was always highly contagious to people of all ages. And that contagiousness, it turns out, was enough to advance their nefarious plan against humanity!
The rapid spread of the virus allowed the globalist-controlled media to claim “cases” were skyrocketing, thereby justifying 
weaponized lockdowns and a global rolling out of medical fascism disguised as “public health” policies.
Based entirely on the speed of the spread of the virus, cities, states and nations of the world were able to achieve three key goals that represent the necessary precursors to global human extermination:
1.Crushing the existing human economies of the world, including food production, ultimately leading to mass famine, homelessness and total dependence on government.
2.Rolling out new, Orwellian medical fascism laws and edicts that set the precedent for mass arrests and forced relocation into “quarantine camps” for those who resist. These camps, of course, are actually death camps and processing facilities for eliminating human beings.
3.Forcing compliance with global vaccine mandates which will of course be used to achieve global infertility and accelerated deaths from diseases and subsequent infections. Whereas a pathogen could not achieve a 90% death rate on its own, the engineered pathogen (the Wuhan coronavirus) was able to be used to drive people into mass vaccine compliance, during which they can be directly injected with toxic substances, vaccine compliance tracking nanotech (quantum dots) and biology-altering mRNA sequences that literally hijack the body’s cells and reprogram them to produce whatever protein sequences are engineered into the mRNA vaccines.
The end goal, as globalists like Bill Gates openly support, is the elimination of billions of human beings living today. The globalists seek to reduce the world population to about 500 million people, which is roughly a 94% reduction in the current human population.
The world you once knew is never coming back, because the globalists who run the world have other plans!
In recent developments, the World Economic Forum (WEF) which co-sponsored Event 201, the table top simulation of the corona pandemic together with John Hopkins and the Gates Foundation in October 2019, is now involved in another strategic exercise entitled Concept 2021. The latter is described as an “international capacity building initiative aimed at raising the global cyber resilience”.  It is not a table top simulation comparable to Event 201. 
Last year it was conducted at the height of the lockdown via video conferencing. This year the 2021 Conference “discussed the “key risks of digitalisation”.
Those participating in the Cyber Polygon Exercise (2020) included high tech companies including IBM, numerous banks and financial institutions, internet companies, cyber security agencies, corporate and government media, think tanks, law enforcement agencies including Interpol with representatives from 48 countries. The exercise is an obvious means to secure reliable partners and develop strategic alliances. In this regard, there were numerous representatives from Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union, including major Russian banking interests, communications and media companies. All in all 42 partners.
Klaus Schwab, founder and Executive Director of the WEF and architect of the “Great Reset” describes the crisis scenario as follows:
The frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack could bring a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole. The COVID-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyberattack.” 
Jeremy Jurgens, WEF Managing Director:
“I believe that there will be another crisis. It will be more significant. It will be faster than what we’ve seen with COVID. The impact will be greater, and as a result the economic and social implications will be even more significant.” 
The implications of these bold “predictions” which represent the interests of the financial establishment are far-reaching.
What they describe is a scenario of economic and social chaos involving the disruption of communications systems, the internet, financial and money transactions (including SWIFT), the power grid, global transportation, commodity trade, etc., as well as likely “geopolitical dislocations”.
The opening session (July 2021) of Cyber Polygon 2021 was conducted (video below) by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin together with the Director General of the WEF Klaus Schwab.
Is this scenario a dress rehearsal for a forthcoming cyber crisis?
Globalists have no intention of restoring human freedom, economic prosperity and global mobility. Now, human societies are being deliberately crushed — even in the face of contradictory scientific evidence that shows lockdowns don’t work — in order to cause mass destitution and collapse.
Only through this planned collapse can the billions of people in the world be forced into subservience to the globalist depopulation agenda!
A key element of this is the Universal Basic Income (UBI), which has already been rolled out across America for the last several months.The UBI provides basic sustenance income to allow people to purchase food and stay alive!
The real plan — about to be rolled out — is to tie UBI benefits to vaccine compliance and speech compliance!!!
This is a deliberate “squeeze” to force the sheeple into mass vaccine suicide by making sure they cannot function in society (or receive government benefits) unless they go along with the vaccine mandates, which are of course a global extermination program disguised as a public health program!
How vaccines will be used to exterminate billions of humans while amplifying infectious disease on a global scale!
The mass extermination via vaccines consists of two strategies:
  1. Lacing the vaccines with new bioweapons viral strains to ensure the continuation of the “outbreak” narrative. Notably, this only requires less than one percent of administered vaccines to be laced.
  2. Engineering the vaccines to cause a very high fatality rate upon exposure to a secondary future infection, in a fatal reaction called a “cytokine storm,” which is a hyper-inflammation event that leads to rapid death.
Thus, people won’t be dropping dead right away after taking the vaccines. Instead, they will seem fine until the next major bioweapon pandemic hits them, at which point the fatality rate will be extremely high (perhaps as high as 75% averaged across all age groups). The next strain to be released via the vaccines could be rightly considered the second half of a binary weapon system that will achieve extremely high kill rates for human beings across the globe. Importantly, the mass die-offs will further justify government lockdowns, quarantines and medical authoritarianism that grants governments the power to forcefully inject people, kidnap people, imprison people and even exterminate people at will. The mass hysteria from the sudden wave of deaths will also feed directly into the justification of increased censorship by the tech giants, which will de-platform anyone who discusses the truth about how this entire scheme was planned from the start. What ends up being created is a feedback loop of death, hysteria and tyranny. The more people die, the more hysteria the media spreads and the more tyranny is justified by the state. This, in turn, results in higher numbers of vaccine injections, which spread more weaponized viral strains, resulting in another wave of hysteria and so on. It’s the perfect scam of tyranny and depopulation: The very governments who are building the bioweapons are using them to exterminate the masses while using the infections to justify their own power to administer the extermination weapons (i.e. vaccines)!
The next strain to be released via the vaccines could be COVID-21, and the COVID-21 strain could be rightly considered the second half of a binary weapon system that will achieve extremely high kill rates for human beings across the globe.
Importantly, the mass die-offs will further justify government lockdowns, quarantines and medical authoritarianism that grants governments the power to forcefully inject people, kidnap people, imprison people and even exterminate people at will. The mass hysteria from the sudden wave of deaths will also feed directly into the justification of increased censorship by the tech giants, which will de-platform anyone who discusses the truth about how this entire scheme was planned from the start.
What ends up being created is a feedback loop of death, hysteria and tyranny. The more people die, the more hysteria the media spreads and the more tyranny is justified by the state. This, in turn, results in higher numbers of vaccine injections, which spread more weaponized viral strains, resulting in another wave of hysteria and so on. It’s the perfect scam of tyranny and depopulation: The very governments who are building the bioweapons are using them to exterminate the masses while using the infections to justify their own power to administer the extermination weapons (i.e. vaccines).
Government tyrants are giggling with joy with their newfound powers over life and death!!
Operation “Dark Winter” was a military simulation of a bio-terrorist attack on the United States, and one of the main players in this end times intrigue was Johns Hopkins. Yes, the very same Johns Hopkins that was also a major player in Bill Gates’ ‘Event 201’. Joe Biden has been dropping the phrase ‘dark winter’ constantly in recent days, starting to see the connection?
The Joe Biden campaign slogan of ‘Build Back Better’, a motto of Klaus Schwab, the utopian pied piper who is founder and CEO of the World Economic Forum (part of “the United Nations network”) that brings together globalist thinkers and multinational corporate heads, a phrase that was crafted by the United Nations and the New World Order, long before Joe Biden started using it. So why did he start using it, and why is he now talking about a ‘dark winter’? I will tell you why. The global elites who brought you Event 201 and COVID-1984 and preparing you for the next step – forced vaccinations. Dark winter? You have no idea. Forced lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations and human implantable Immunity Passports!
Microsoft has patented a system that uses human biometrics such as body heat and brain-wave activity to mine cryptocurrency. The patent, filed under international patent number WO-2020-060606 and titled ‘Cryptocurrency System Using Body Data Activity’, leverages human body activity as proof-of-work.
The technology with a sensor specifically made for detecting and keeping track of human biometrics, is a microchip implant being developed by a Danish Microsoft partner called BEZH International. 
BEZH’s microchip implant is not only capable of storing and transmitting biometrics – including medical and genetic data, but it also compliments the entire cryptocurrency mining aspect of Microsoft’s patent as it comes with its own cryptocurrency, which for several months last year, was listed on cryptocurrency exchange Binance!
With this biometrics-based cryptocurrency mining patent and other human microchipping projects under his belt, namely the Birth Control microchip implant and theimplantable quantum-dot vaccination record capsules being developed by MIT, and ID2020 which is part of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals!
The Coronavirus Pandemic, the implantable quantum-dot vaccination record capsules and ID2020 are likely to be merged to create the digital certificates that Gates wants everyone to have as proof of vaccination against COVID-19. This opens up the merging the two projects with the biometrics-sensing microchip implant being developed by BEZH!!
Bill Gates and his Gavi Vaccine Alliance are launching an AI-powered ‘TRUST STAMP’ combining a vaccine and digital biometric in West Africa!
The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and Intellectual Ventures are spending millions in creating a human implantable quantum dot microneedle vaccine mark with data storage that will work through an Enzyme Called Luciferase!
Back in 2018 Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates was among the first investors in a new start-up EarthNow aiming to build, launch and operate a collection of satellites that will deliver real-time video of the entire planet!
Elon Musk will reveal a device that connects your brain to a computer – putting AI in your head!
DOD and HHS being Awarded a $138 Million contract to ApiJect systems to provide prefilled COVID-19 vaccine syringes with RFID microchip tracking system!
The GLOBAL ID2020 Covid-19 ‘IMMUNITY PASSPORT’  that combines digital identity with vaccinations,blockchain and nanotechnogy , has announced that work is completed on first ever certification mark for ‘Kiva protocal’ implementing a global digital ID for buying and selling!
“The Commons Project Foundation is founded with support from The Rockefeller Foundation and based in Switzerland which along with the World Economic Forum announced the launching of international trials for CommonPass, a digital health pass for travelers to securely verify their COVID-19 test status.”
COVI-PASS the World’s most secure Digital Health Passport, built on patented technology, awarded the ‘Seal of Excellence’ by the European Commission and being used by various United Nations Projects!
UN Digital Solutions Center is a pilot project of the World Food Programme and UNHCR with operational support from UNICC, a solution combining biometrics, blockchain and mobile technology. The UN Digital ID is a digital wallet with biometric security that agency personnel can use for data related to human resources, medical status, travel, payroll and pensions, which can also be used for onboarding new employees, leaving or retiring from the organization.

Remote control biology
In 2014, DARPA’s BTO launched its “In Vivo Nanoplatforms” (IVN) program, which researches implantable nanotechnologies, leading to the development of ‘hydrogel’.
This contact lens-like nanotechnology material requires a special injector to be introduced under the skin where it can transmit light-based digital signals through a wireless network like 5G.
DARPA-developed hydrogel technology, in tandem with Profusa’s DARPA-funded light sensor technology, more than likely will deploy a coronavirus vaccine with the capacity to literally change our DNA!!
The financial world is ready to go to a “digital currency”!!
The Central Banks are putting together a frame work for a digital currency, how will that come together?
On April 29th of this year the BBC recorded that the Coronavirus accelerated the decline of cash usage. The lockdown has led to a 60% fallen of a number of withdrawals from cash machines causing experts to say that the future of cash is at risk. The most small businesses have been restricting the use of cash since March.
On September 26th Cleveland President Loretta Mester announced in a speech on Central Bank digital currencies, now they’re called CBDC’s for short, that recent Legislation has proposed that each American will very very soon have an account instead in which digital dollars could be quickly deposited.
Two things immediately are accomplished with that, cash is eliminated and the Central Bank has control of everything. That does sound very similar to what the antichrist will use as foretold there in Revelation 13:16-17. 
For an authoritarian government to have complete control over every financial transaction Central Banks will begin consolidating and eventually it will only be one!!The financial world could switch very quickly to a digital currency and do that in the very immediate near future!!
This is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled found in the book of Revelation 13. This chapter in God’s word is the most detailed information on how the Antichrist will set in place an economic system, a worldwide system to control commerce for each person on Earth to participate in in order to be able to buy and sell, in fact to be able to sustain life, that’s Revelation 13:16-17.
Revelation 13:16-18
16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.
Check out a few of the recent headlines below…
▪︎”Why ‘every person on the planet’ will need a digital ID” – “So the organization that I run, ID2020, is leading an alliance of large private-sector companies, small startups, UN agencies, NGOs, governments…And by 2030, our goal is to enable access to digital identity for every person on the planet.” ( 
▪︎”Why blockchain could be your next form of ID as a world citizen” – “ID is key for accessing education, healthcare, voting, banking, housing, and other family benefits, the press release noted. ID2020’s goal is to create a secure, established digital ID system for all citizens worldwide.” (Tech Republic-6/20/20)
▪︎ The issue of how to “motivate” vaccine compliance has generated increasing interest, with commentators such as Mike Cernovich writing: “Government won’t force you to take vaccine. Amazon will. Airlines will. Banks will. You won’t be able to buy, sell, or trade without the vaccine.” (Arutz Sheva-11/26/20)
Qantas Airlines to Make COVID-1984 Coronavirus Vaccination Mandatory for International Travel!

These innovations are creating the environment that the Antichrist and False Prophet will need to wire this world together for their evil purposes. We are within touching distance now and within the range for a centralized power to gain worldwide control of all banking and purchasing. With the Tribulation casting its shadow right here right now , we know that the Rapture of the Church happens before the time of Jacobs trouble!
COVID was simply a prop, a triggering mechanism, for what global elites refer to as the Great Reset!! Everything we have been experiencing, it is all part of the Great Reset, that is the resetting of the entire world to prepare the people for the arrival of Antichrist! That’s how close he is to stepping out of the shadows and onto the world stage!
When the Antichrist will be revealed he will not require to set the stage for the New World Order…it will already be ready like its right now!!!All he will have to do is just flip the switch on…TO A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT…A ONE WORLD CURRENCY!

OUR DEPARTURE FROM EARTH IS IMMINENT!  The articles I read on The Great Reset tell me that the seven-year tribulation is approaching faster than we can imagine. The things that I read about Bill Gates’ future plans for the COVID-19 vaccine scream the future fulfillment of Revelation 13:11-18. Satan and his demonic forces are rushing the world toward the final form of the beast described in the books of Daniel and Revelation.
The fulfillment of 1 Corinthians 15:50-56, Philippians 3:20-21, and 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:10 is so very close. The reality of the nearness of our departure from this world seems more real than ever to me! It would not be right to predict the timing of the rapture, but I also believe it would be unwise to assume it cannot happen this year or next year. With the seven-year tribulation closing in on us like an out of control freight train, we know that our departure, which must happen first, is ever so close! THE RAPTURE OF ALL WHO BELONG TO JESUS WILL BE THE GREATEST “RESET”!