Jan Markel’s recent video titled ‘THE NEW WORLD ORDER CRIES FOR A SAVIOUR says it all!
Cast : THE GLOBILISTS namely Bill gates, Emmanuel Macron, Obama, Elon Musk, Anthony Fauci ,The Pope, The United Nations!
Here’s the AGENDA!…
SCRIPTURE: Revelation 13: 2-4,7, Revelation 13:16-17, Revelation 17:12-13.
The gloBILLists…i mean GLOBILISTS :
• Rockefeller Foundation Paper Urges Testing and Tracing Entire US Population!
The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and Intellectual Ventures are spending millions in creating a human implantable quantum dot microneedle vaccine mark with data storage that will work through an Enzyme Called Luciferase!
• Bill Gates defiantly tweets out that every human on earth will be Covid-19 Vaccinated and there can be ‘No Alternative’ to this ‘Global Effort’!
• Bill Gates and Richard Branson have invested heavily in a lab-grown stem cell replacement which grows meat and are trying to bankrupt the meat industry thus breaking the GLOBAL food chain!
GLOBAL depopulation tag-team!: Anthony Fauci joins Bill Gates in calling for “Digital certificates” of coronavirus immunity!
• Emmanuel Macron And Bill Gates held first New World Order virtual meeting to mobilize all G7 And G20 nations in Covid-19 GLOBAL response team and with the UN watching has raised 8 billion in a day!
Inovio COVID-19 Vaccine Uses Electricity to Drive DNA Into Body Cells!!
• Elon Musk” Brain connection between man and machine ready in a year”
• Obama administration funded Wuhan lab!
• Rudy Giuliani Slammed Dr. Fauci Over His Agency’s $3.7 Million Grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology!
• The Pentagon will use AI to predict panic buying, COVID-19 hotspots and GLOBALLY thermal imaging cameras could play “critical role” in keeping people safe from COVID-19!!
• Pope Joins Forces with IBM, Microsoft to develop artificial intelligence (AI)!
• Pope says coronavirus vaccine must be shared worldwide!
• Pope Francis unveiled a GLOBALIST New World Religion at Summit with the United Nations leader and revealed the dogma that he intends to replace belief in Christ as savior!
The Catholic-Muslim interfaith council created by Pope Francis announces new Chrislam headquarters opening in 2022 that combines a Mosque And Church according to the signed covenant!
• Pope Francis gives Emmanuel Macron his blessing and anoints Him to take the GLOBAL stage as leader of the New World Order!
• Pope Francis calls on believers of all religions to pray together on May 14th 2020! 
• Thanks to COVID, Any Smartphone Can Now Be Tracked by Government Via Automatic Update!
• USC, Emory Creating Coronavirus Surveillance System Similar to China’s Social Credit Scoring!
 • CV-1984: Facial Recognition Technology To Be Used To Combat Spread of Virus Globally!
• H.R. 6666 a devil of a COVID-19 government surveillance plot!
DOD And HHS Award $138 Million Contract To ApiJect Systems To Provide Prefilled COVID-19 Vaccine Syringes With RFID Microchip Tracking System!
• Clinton Foundation Discusses creating Army Of “Contact Tracers” to Monitor Citizens who had COVID 19!
• Bloomberg Philanthropies, in partnership with New York State governor Andrew M. Cuomo, has announced a $10.5 million commitment in support of a COVID-19 contact tracing program.
• H.R.6666 – To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID-19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes!
Back in 2018 Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates was among the first investors in a new start-up EarthNow aiming to build, launch and operate a collection of satellites that will deliver real-time video of the entire planet!
• Under the guise of fighting covid -19 coronavirus, GLOBAL governments are using digital surveillance at levels previously unimaginable!!
• The GLOBAL ID2020 Covid-19 ‘IMMUNITY PASSPORT’ combines digital identity with vaccinations, block chain and nano technogy!
• The United Kingdom’s former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called on world leaders to form a “temporary” GLOBAL government!
• Mastercard joins block chain digital identity alliance ID2020!
• ID2020 announces work is completed on first ever certification mark for ‘Kiva protocal’ implementing a global digital ID for buying and selling!
Microsoft not only funds ID2020 but they also filed a patent for a device that interacts with the pulse, temperature and brain waves connected to the human body for buying and selling cryptocurrecy!
• China’s Central Bank to Run Simulations of Digital Currency Use!
• COVID-19 makes universal digital access and cooperation essential: UN tech agency!
• United Nations secretary- general Antinio Guterres unveils Covid-19 GLOBAL vaccination panel headed up by Emmauel Macron and Melinda Gates!
• UN launches GLOBAL push to accelerate work on COVID-19 treatments!!
• ‘Ring Of Peace’ United Nations One World Religion interfaith ceremony!
• The UN is now admitting that this Coronavirus Pandemic could spark famines of “Biblical proportions”!
The World’s most secure Digital Health Passport, built on patented technology, awarded the ‘Seal of Excellence’ by the European Commission and being used by various United Nations Projects!!
The CONVERGENCE OF SIGNS are in our face!
✔GLOBAL rise in earthquakes (MATTHEW 24:7,8)!
✔Isaiah 17
✔The GOG and MAGOG alliance at the ready in Damascus (EZEKIEL 38)!
✔GLOBAL Pestilence (MATTHEW 24:6)!
✔GLOBAL cry for Peace and safety (1THESSALONIANS 5:3)!