Connecting The Dots... End Times


I would like to lay emphasis on the word ‘Begin’ in the verse above because that’s exactly where we are today. Our world hangs on the precipice of eternity as signs of the rapidly approaching tribulation gain in intensity and frequency each day and if our world lies on the edge of this coming time of wrath, then how much closer must we as believers be to the rapture that happens before the tribulation begins? We sure can simply see that day approaching and might i add, anyday now! The phrase ‘THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM’ comes to my mind!
I believe that we are right now live in that relative calm before a great storm sweeps across the planet! God’s judgment on the Christ-rejecting world is ever so very close at hand! We are at a tipping point. Just look around you and connect the prophectic dots! We see evidences of a world set to explode everywhere we look.
The Trump initiated Abraham Accords is still enjoying ripple effects to this day. A group of people from Saudi Arabia, a country which has yet to normalize relations with Israel and who has traditionally been the biggest backers of the PLO, are tweeting support for Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish people and other pro-Israel and pro-peace messages using the hashtag “#قبلة_اليهود_لاتعني_لنا”, which translated from Arabic into: “The Jewish aspirations has nothing to do with us” reports Israellycool. 
Tom Nissani, head of the Temple Heritage Foundation, told Arutz 7 that this is a golden opportunity. “In the end, it is becoming increasingly clear that the main obstacle – the Temple Mount – is in our hands,” he said. “This is a historic opportunity to expel the hostile Waqf from the Temple Mount and transfer it to full Israeli management that will allow full freedom of access and religion to the mountain in cooperation with the Emirates, Saudis and Moroccans, Jews and non-Jews who will attain shared goals.”
One of the more viral tweets was posted by Saudi cartoonist Fahd al-Jabiri, who wrote that “the direction of the prayers of the Jews is not important to us, what is important to us is only our homeland.” By referencing the “direction of the prayers of the Jews,” al-Jabiri implicitly recognized the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount, thus contradicting the Palestinian narrative on the matter.
An English-language tweet by a man from Morocco named Ibtassam really got people heated when he not only emphasized that the Temple Mount is of no particular importance to Muslims like himself, but then went on to express his hope that the Third Jewish Temple will soon be built there.
There were a flood of tweets expressing support and even love for Israel. Most were in Arabic, but the few in English were no less heart-warming. One reacted to a previous tweet calling Jerusalem the “occupied” Palestinian capital. The Saudi corrected the original by noting that Jerusalem is actually the “eternal capital of the Jewish people.”
Saudi Twitter users have recently been pushing a new line of thought that plays up the importance of Muslims praying towards the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, while downplaying the importance of the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, Israel National News(INN) reported.
The controversial campaign appears to be designed to push the message emphasizing the importance of the Saudi cities of Mecca and Medina as the holy places of Islam, and to eliminate the importance of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount for Muslims, thereby decreasing any Islamic authority the Palestinians have over the site.
As Jan Markel beautifully put it, Israel is God’s prophectic timepiece with Jerusalem as the minute hand and the Temple mount as the small hand! The Temple Institute, the reestablished Sanhedrin and other Temple related organizations are preparing for all the required needs of an operational Third Temple. Architectural drawings exist and Levitical Priests are assigned and trained, including the required High Priest.
Throughout the Bible, there is a extensive written account on the history of the Temple Mount. It is recorded how King David purchased the temple (1 Chronicles 21:18–26) and prepared the material for his son Solomon to build (1 Chronicles 22), that Temple continued until it was destroyed by the Babylonians (2 Kings 25:8-17). 70 years later, after the destruction of the First Temple, a Second Temple was built (Ezra 1-6). That Second Temple was as well destroyed, as prophesied by Jesus Christ in Mark 13:1-2, by the Romans in 70 AD.
Well, that brings us to today! The rejection of the Jewish rights to the Temple Mount is caused by a rejection of God’s infallible word and the same antisemitism that has plagued the Jewish people since their enslavement in the land of Egypt. It is shocking to consider that the Muslim claim to the Temple Mount is “over-rinding” the Jewish history considering the claimed reference in the Quran, “the farthest mosque,” is unlikely and unproven to be speaking of the Temple Mount.
Hal Lindsey in his article, “It’s About the Temple Mount” wrote about the modern Palestinian tensions surrounding the Temple Mount and what Bible Prophecy tells us about a coming Third Temple. The Temple vessels and vestments are prepared, including the menorah, the table of showbread and the golden altar of incense, a Red Heifer that is viable for fulfilling the ordnance of purification for the Jewish Temple are signs pointing to how the Covenant of Daniel’s Prophecy is nearing!
There is a growing excitement in the Middle East right now, thanks to the Abraham Accords, for a rebuilt Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount. As Jeremiah warned long ago, there are false prophets who cry ‘Peace, peace’ when there is no peace (Jer 6.14, 8.11). In recent decades, no area of the world has been home to more conflict and ongoing animosity than the Middle East. Central to the region’s ongoing conflicts are Muslim hostility toward Israel and disputes over control of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. These are the exact events the Bible says will happen in the last days. The Bible says Jerusalem will be “like an intoxicating drink that makes the nearby nations stagger” (Zechariah 12:2-3). That’s precisely what we’ve seen. Yet, the Bible also says an Israeli peace treaty plays a central and pivotal role in the end times.
Over 2,500 years ago, Daniel said a mighty ruler will enter into a covenant or a treaty with Israel for a period of seven years (Daniel 9:27). This treaty will kick off the seven-year Tribulation and make the ruler behind it a major player on the world stage. Who is this ruler? None other than “the man of lawlessness” (2 Thessalonians 2:3) himself – the Antichrist.
Daniel 9:27
“Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week;
But in the middle of the week
He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering.
And on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate,
Even until the consummation, which is determined,
Is poured out on the desolate.”
Pastor Tom Hughes had this to say on the Abrahamic Accords Peace deal as to how it could be the precursor for the Daniel 9:27 covernant with many! ” You can’t confirm a Hotel reservation unless you have one”
For 30 years, from 1948 until 1978, not a single Middle Eastern nation made peace with Israel. It was not until 1979 that Egypt made that historic move! The next Middle Eastern (and Muslim) nation to make peace with Israel was Jordan in 1995, 16 years later. Well since then, not a single Islamic, Middle Eastern nation has made peace with Israel…that is, until now, 25 years later! So, what previously took 47 years (from 1948 to 1995) took place in a matter of hours! This is completely beyond anything we have seen in the modern history of Israel which is God’s prophectic time clock! 2020 has brought peace agreements between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kosovo, Serbia, Morocco, and Sudan – with the prospect of more nations joining in the very near future. Sure sounds like the ‘Many’ to me!
The World calls it the Abraham Accords, but the Word of God the Bible calls it for what it is, a covenant with “death we see exactly what’s happening as to how the Abraham Accords leads the Jews right to the heart of the Daniel 9:27 covenant! Do any of the recent peace agreements qualify as the Daniel 9:27 treaty? It most likely is a precursor as the Daniel 9:27 treaty is a covenant made “with many,” and that’s exactly what we are seeing! Remember, the Bible doesn’t say the Antichrist will “create” a covenant with Israel, it says he will “confirm” a covenant “with many” (Daniel 9:27). So the recent Israeli peace agreements may well be the foundation for Israel’s treaty with the Antichrist!
From “Event 201” To “Cyber Polygon”: The WEF’s Simulation Of A Coming “Cyber Pandemic”
Last year, the World Economic Forum teamed up with the Russian government and global banks to run a high-profile cyberattack simulation that targeted the financial industry, an actual event that would pave the way for a “reset” of the global economy.
The simulation, named Cyber Polygon, may have been more than a typical planning exercise and bears similarities to the WEF-sponsored pandemic simulation Event 201 that briefly preceded the COVID-19 crisis.
The World Economic Forum (WEF), along with Russia’s Sberbank and its cybersecurity subsidiary BI.ZONE announced that a new global cyberattack simulation would take place this coming July. On the newly updated event website, the simulation, called Cyber Polygon 2021, ominously warns that, given the digitalization trends largely spurred by the COVID-19 crisis, “a single vulnerable link is enough to bring down the entire system, just like the domino effect”.
It’s All Part of the Global Agenda                    The “debate” over whether to implement vaccine passports is happening all over the world. No matter what these passport apps are know by, they will likely all be synchronised and underpinned by a common software or framework that will enable them to “talk to each other” despite the country of origin.
The leading developers of this technology include AOK PassCommon Pass, the Vaccination Credential InitiativeGood Health Pass Collaborative, and the IATA Travel Pass. The common denominator all these companies, organizations and initiatives have are their ties to the World Economic Forum, the digital transformation of society, and global governance. If you haven’t seen the documentary Decoding Davos:The Global Endgame, I suggest you do so soon.
It provides a clear understanding of how this global think tank is manipulating the world into a “Great Reset” that promises strict control of all human life under new digital technology such as vaccine passports.
This in-depth documentary will take you on a journey of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum’s bid for total control of the planet. The world is on the cusp of an economic freefall masterminded by the elites, all headed towards one goal that being the Great Reset! I believe that out of the ashes of this crash, the uncertainity that will follow is what the man of predition waiting in the wings ready to take flight is waiting for! The runway for his flight i believe will be The World Economic Forum 2021 summit, themed as “The Great Reset” and from then on he will take centre stage! The year 2020 was the trailer and i believe 2021 will be the movie release. The caste is in place and as the globalists say never let a crisis go to waste…a ‘Created Crises’ by they themselves! 
It took Schwab and the Davos elite about six years to watch their great reset ideology grow from a tiny Swiss seed in 2014 to a European super-flower pollinating across the entire globe in 2020! The globalists have been telling us since the outbreak began, the world “will never go back to normal again”. It’s not because of the pandemic, mind you, it’s because they won’t allow things to go back to normal! “The Great Reset”, as the World Economic Forum calls it is their agenda behind the virus! All of these draconian measures have served as social engineering tools to get people used to having “experts” and government officials tell them what to do. In fact, you could argue that all of humanity (outside those in authority) has been slowly tortured over the past year. With staggering numbers of suicides and rising rates of substance abuse, many decided to just check out. The remaining masses have been subjected to classical conditioning like Pavlov’s dogs. During this “plandemic”, most people have been retrained to depend on authorities to tell them when they can go to work, visit loved ones, travel, go to church, hug someone or even shake their hand.
Well what a coincidence that ID2020 was rolled out at the onset of what WHO calls a Pandemic? Well it was a ‘Plannedemic’ as i like to call it! Digital money that’s what the globalists are aiming at, so you really have no control any more over your health and other intimate data, but also over your earnings and spending. Your money could be blocked, or taken away – as a ‘sanction’ for misbehavior, for swimming against the stream.  
The WEF is fully behind widespread adoption of the IoB that come with having “an unprecedented number of sensors attached to, implanted within, or ingested into human bodies to monitor, analyze, and even modify human bodies and behavior.” If you think that the idea behind contact tracing apps is just for tracking people infected by viruses, think again! The WEF is fully behind the use of the IoB, and actively supports digital health passports such as CovidPass and contract tracing apps such as CommonPass.
One Passport to Rule Us                         
All vaccine or “immunity” passports represent the final nail in the coffin of freedom. The passports are already being used in Israel to “allow” vaccinated citizens to resume visiting places such as gyms, hotels, and sporting venues. The Israeli “Green Pass” has created a de facto medical apartheid state with those who refuse vaccination (for whatever reason) being treated like second class citizens. 
The President of the European Union Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has unfolded Commission’s plans to create a digital green pass for those who are COVID-19 free in a bid to restore travel for business and tourism purposes.
In a tweet posted in her official Twitter account, President von der Leyen announced the decision to come up with such a solution for the restoration of travel within Europe by giving further information on how these green passes, which in essence will be similar to vaccine certificates already launched by several EU countries.
We’ll present this month a legislative proposal for a Digital Green Pass,” the President tweeted, further explaining what the pass intends to provide, reports.
EU Commission’s plans to launch a COVID-19 certificate scheme for those vaccinated against COVID-19 comes after many EU countries have either started doing so or revealed similar plans, Denmark, Cyprus, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Portugal and Spain.
The possibility of such a requirement to become mandatory for travellers throughout the European Union and Schengen Area countries had been warned by in April last year after an EU official told the same that once the vaccines start to roll out in the European countries, they will soon become mandatory.
Chinese Communist Party “experts” urged the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) on Tuesday to let China build and run a global database for “vaccine passports” documenting if every person on earth has received a Chinese coronavirus vaccine. The “vaccine passport” — A digital certification that confirms a person has received a coronavirus vaccination — joins China’s larger “social credit system,” which judges every citizen and awards them numerical “scores” based on how much the Party approves of their behavior. The behavior judged can vary from littering and volunteering, which result in respectively lower or higher social credit scores, to the display of public opinions either in favor or against the Communist Party.
In addition to I.A.T.A., IBM has been developing its own Digital Health Pass that would enable individuals to present proof of vaccination or a negative test to gain access to a public location, such as a sports stadium, airplane, university or workplace. The pass, built on IBM’s blockchain technology, can utilize multiple data types, including temperature checks, virus exposure notifications, test results and vaccine status. The World Economic Forum and the Commons Project Foundation, a Swiss nonprofit group, have been testing a digital health passport called CommonPass, which would allow travelers to access testing or vaccination information. The pass would generate a QR code that could be shown to authorities. One of President Biden’s executive orders aimed at curbing the pandemic asks government agencies to “assess the feasibility” of linking coronavirus vaccine certificates with other vaccination documents, and producing digital versions of them.
Tech giants with deep ties to the U.S. national security state — Microsoft, Oracle and the MITRE Corporation — have partnered with healthcare companies to create the Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI) to advance the implementation of digital COVID-19 vaccination records.
According to a Reuters report, the VCI “aims to help people get encrypted digital copies of their immunization records stored in a digital wallet of their choice” because the “current system [of vaccination records] does not readily support convenient access and sharing of verifiable vaccination records.”
The initiative, on its website, notes that the VCI is a public-private partnership “committed to empowering individuals with digital vaccination records” so that participants can “protect and improve their health” and “demonstrate their health status to safely return to travel, work, school and life while protecting their data privacy.”
The initiative is essentially built on a common framework of digital vaccination “wallets” called SMART Health Cards that are meant to “work across organizational and jurisdictional boundaries” as part of a new global vaccination-record infrastructure. The host of the VCI website and one of the initiative’s key backers is the Commons Project Foundation. That foundation, in partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF), runs the Common Trust Network, which has three goals that are analogous to those of VCI.
Efforts to link digital identity, not just to economic activity but also to health data, have recently escalated, for example with the piloting of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance (aka GAVI) — Mastercard — Trust Stamp partnership in Africa.
That program, first launched in 2018, links Trust Stamp’s digital-identity platform with the GAVI-Mastercard Wellness Pass, a digital vaccination record, and Mastercard’s click-to-pay system run on AI technology called NuData. Mastercard and GAVI are both partnered with the ID2020 Alliance, which includes VCI member Microsoft.
Efforts to link digital identity, not just to economic activity but also to health data, have recently escalated, for example with the piloting of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance (aka GAVI) — Mastercard — Trust Stamp partnership in Africa.
Such platforms would utilize digital currency, specifically cryptocurrency, for financial activity, it is worth noting that VCI member Microsoft filed a patent in 2019 that would allow “human body activity,” including brain waves and body heat, to mine (i.e., generate) cryptocurrency. This, of course, would link biometrics to financial activity, among other things.
Moderna describes its new vaccine as “a computer operating system”. Zaks had spoken three years ago about this, he could not be more clear when he said “We are actually hacking the software of life”. When corporate media outlets start beating their collective drums for a single, one-size-fits-all medical treatment, let the alarm bells ring. Something sinister is afoot.
And right now, all of the most notoriously elitist media companies in America are shilling for you, dear reader, to get the shot.
They say it will protect you against the Wuhan virus, renamed COVID-19 as to remove from our memories the place from which it originated. That would be a bio-weapons lab run by the Chinese Communist Party in Wuhan, China.
Take for example the headline and lead-in to this article from The Atlantic: “The Second COVID-19 Shot Is a Rude Awakening for Immune Cells: Side effects are just a sign that protection is kicking in as it should.”
In the words of Pastor J.D Farag prophecy has a shelf life, the Isaiah 17 rubber band is about to snap! It’s easy to imagine how civil strife in America or the economic disaster could become a flashing green light for Russia and Iran to invade Israel as per the prophecy in Ezekiel 38-39!
Iran is setting up shop in Damascus and openly state their religiously-driven plans to destroy Israel. Airstrikes in 2017 and 2018 by Israel against weapons convoys (gifts from Iran to Hezbollah), and an Iranian built installments near Damascus makes one wonder how close we are to Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38. We’re not told who destroys Damascus or how it is destroyed, but surrounding verses suggest it’s during conflict with Israel. Recent events suggest it may be a preemptive strike by Israel necessary for her survival.
2 Timothy 3 gazes into people’s heart attitudes in the “last days.” Matthew 24:7 explicity tells us about earthquakes. Creation is groaning. An earthquake survey revealed that the number is 3 times over! Paul wrote about his excited expectation of Jesus’ appearing in Romans 8:23-25. I especially like his words in verse 23, “And not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies.” We have a map that divides Israel and the world governments on a rollercoaster ride towards outperforming the vices of Sodom and Gomorrah!
The US is committed to a two-state solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, a State Department spokesperson said Monday.
“Our solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is two states – when Palestinians and Israelis live in peace with each other. The administration is committed to humanitarian aid to the Palestinians,” the spokesman said.
Think about COVID-19, the lockdowns, the economic crashes, the mandatory mask wearing, the race riots, ANTIFA, ID2020, Bill Gates, Black Lives Matter, the Declaration Of Human Fraternity, Chrislam, ponder for a moment on all of it! The global elites who run things have masked it as ‘The Great Reset’, and it is nothing but the New World Order! The globalists who control and fund the mainstream media have ‘Masked’ the truth, and what lurks beneath the ‘Mask’ is an agenda called the Great Reset!
In the relatively short span of the last twelve months, societies throughout the world have been transformed beyond recognition. 
Government officials are issuing edicts restricting the most basic aspects of our lives We are being managed like inmates in a prison, punished for the slightest infractions of an ever-changing set of arbitrary rules, forced to wear identical, demeaning uniforms (albeit only on our faces) to keep us compliant! 
Prophecy shows us the roadmap of the tribulation and the tribulation is casting its shadow right here right now, that roadmap includes the unleashing of Satan for seven years. The Bible is our infallible evidence that at some point in what clearly appears to be the very near future, the world will be flipped upsidedown by the catastrophe of the Tribulation which will include the coming of the Antichrist, a one-world government, a one-world religion, a one-world currency, plagues, famines, the mark of the beast, death and destruction.
Pope Francis received a conquering hero’s welcome in Iraq for his visit to the birthplace of Abraham, Ur of the Chaldees. With a magnificent ziggurat nearby, Francis told the faith leaders that it was fitting that they come together in Ur, “back to our origins, to the sources of God’s work, to the birth of our religions” to pray together for peace as children of Abraham. In the Pope’s latest Encyclical, Fratelli tutti, he writes that religions have a role to play at the service of fraternity in the world.
In the same vein, the Abu Dhabi Document on Human Fraternity underscores that “faith leads a believer to see in the other a brother or sister to be supported and loved” and believers are called to express fraternity through safeguarding creation and supporting all people, especially the poorest and those most in need. And what about that ziggurat that everyone keeps talking about, you know, the one where Pope Francis held his Chrislam prayer service? The Great Ziggurat was built as a place of worship, dedicated to the moon god Nanna in the Sumerian city of Ur in ancient Mesopotamia. It is here that ritual child sacrifices took place. Abraham was called by God to leave this place, to turn his back to it, and never come back. So why, pray tell, would Pope Francis chose this as the site of his Chrislam prayer service? Oh, I think you know the answer to that one.
Pope Francis in Iraq, while working to establish Abraham as the central figure in his One World Religion of Chrislam, ‘prayed for peace’ and never mentioned the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. The occasion was an excellent illustration of the One World Religion we see laid out for us in Revelation 13, 17 and 18 in your King James Bibles.
Dispensationally speaking yes, we are still in the Church Age, such as it is, and yes, we will be removed before the start of the time of Jacob’s trouble because there is a clearly stated program for the Church and a clearly stated program for Israel and the purpose of the tribulation is for the purpose of the Jewish nation, when God turns his attention back to the nation of Israel after the Church is raptured! What is happening in Iraq right now, at this very moment, is another giant step in the creation of the One World Religion of Chrislam warned about in Revelation. We are so close that time period that the set-up is right now underway as our dispensation of the Church Age is literally overlapping with the formation of the time of Jacob’s trouble!
Pope Francis openly and repeatedly calls for a one-world religion (Revelation 13: 2-4,7), as well as for a one-world government to combat climate change! At the World Government Summit in February of 2019, thousands of leading globalists, communists, Islamists and others from around the world converged on the Arabian Peninsula. Their goal: promote technocratic globalism and plot the future of what they often call their “New World Order”. 
The Bible describes terrible economic conditions in the end times. Revelation 6 tells us an entire day’s wages will barely buy enough food to survive (Revelation 6:5-6). This describes a world ravaged by hyperinflation, and it’s the backdrop against which the Antichrist makes his drive for global conquest (Revelation 6:3-4).
Ultimately, the Antichrist will control commerce and implement a global economic system which the Bible describes as the Beast system. The Bible says he will require everyone on earth to receive a mark, and no one will be able to buy or sell without the mark (Revelation 13:17).
The ultimate domino or trigger that flips the switch will be the Rapture that occurs before the start of the 7 year tribulation! The tribulation is headed full speed like a train speeding away on the tracks, there’s nothing that can stop it and when it does begin, our world will be transformed into something totally unrecognizable compared to what we see today. You think COVID-19 has already made our world unrecognizable?  Compared to what’s coming, let me suggest that we ain’t seen nothin’ yet! 
As we know birth pains particularly towards the end don’t decrease in frequency or severity. The rate of change is absolutely stunning. There has been an unrelenting push in “Prophetic Contractions” ever so increasing by the minute in frequency and intensity! Looking back at the last twelve months show this. An illustration of waking up from a coma over the last 12 months and seeing the world where it is now is an example i would like to use. Mass closures, unemployment, sporting events with no fans, social distancing, masks, churches not allowed to open, restaurants closed, arrests for having birthday parties or Bible studies, mass vaccinations, covid passports for travel and employment, all of this in such a brief period. There is only one outcome to all of this, not two or three. Just one and that is the Tribulation.
Therefore everything we see today, that is, all of the signs, are moving and converging in that one single direction. It is like all the signs condensing into a funnel that will find their ultimate manifestation in the tribulation. The WEF is pivotal in this globalist push that we are now seeing.The Great Reset is a blueprint for the New World Order and its hidden in plain sight!
Just as Jan Markell explained in her article “Top Ten Bible Prophecy Stories of 2020,” the world longs for a savior in the midst of meltdown.
“With the world in a meltdown mode, millions are looking for just one superhuman man to bring back peace and prosperity,” Jan wrote. “He is waiting in the wings! Most have rejected Jesus Christ. They will cheer for a short season for the antichrist.” 
Things are moving at an incredibly intense pace. The next event on God’s prophectic calander is the rapture of the church! In 1 Thessalonians 5:3 we read, “While people are saying, ‘There is peace and security,” then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.” I have always believed that the rapture of the church will be the ultimate trigger, the domino that turns the world upside down! Nathan Jones of Lamb & Lion Ministry and Jan Markel consider current events from a prophetic perspective in this 9-minute video produced by Lamb & Lion.
From a faux-impeachment to an orchestrated pandemic or should i say plannedemic; from Murder Hornets to massive wildfires; from a sudden increase in UFO sightings to the road being paved for the ‘Great Reset’; from numerous hurricanes to anarchy and riots; from historic Mid-East peace initiatives through the Abrahamic Accords to one of the craziest election heists ever seen in American history, the year 2020 saw Bible prophecies converging like never before setting the stage for which we are today!
Very very soon there will be an event that will occur around the globe where millions of people from all across the planet instantaneously disappear, and they’ll specifically only be Christians. You just can’t spin that baby. You can’t hide that event. So, you better come up with some good excuse.
Most people (believers and non-believers alike) have been scratching their collective heads trying to make sense of all this. All I can say is that this has been 100 years in the making, and promises to lead to one inescapable conclusion – the Rapture of the Church and the world’s coming appointment with divine judgment! 
The blind are determined to stay blind and the wicked are determined to remain and bask in their wickedness but those who are awake and watching, longing, yearning in earnest for the appearing of our Lord, they look beyond and above these things and they have a palpable sense that something major is about to occur!
This dispensation of Grace that we live in was revealed to the Apostle Paul. So, what of this mystery known as the Rapture? It’s a mystery because this was never a promise made to Israel! 1Thessalonians 4:17: “Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up…In verse 17, the phrase “Caught Up” is translated from the Greek word ‘Harpazo’ and the Latin ‘Rapturo.’ That is the word from which we get ‘Rapture.’ Upon closer inspection of ‘Harpazo”s definition, we learn it literally means:                                                                  To snatch away
To take away                                                          To pluck away                                                      To claim for oneself eagerly                                To seize by force
COVID was simply a prop, a triggering mechanism, for what global elites refer to as the Great Reset. Everything we have been experiencing, it is all part of the Great Reset, that is the resetting of the entire world to prepare the people for the arrival of Antichrist. That’s how close he is to stepping out of the shadows and onto the world stage. 
The “Great Reset” is imminent but so is our Blessed Hope as Titus 2:13 tells us! The Rapture of all who belong to Christ will be the greatest “Reset”!
Matthew 24:32-34: Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and puts forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh. So like wise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. Verily I say unto you, this generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. 
The Fig Tree Generation: –The generation that will not pass till all these things be fulfilled. In May 14th 1948, Israel became a sovereign nation thus the fig tree come back to life and started shooting forth.
Israel was given her land back thus re planted. Since 1948, we have seen Israel put forth leaves on her tender branches both economically, military, financially and spiritually, and Israel has become a world force always on news all over the world. There is a call now to build the Third Temple! Israel is God’s time piece and in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21, Jesus used Israel to tell us of a generation that will see all things prophesied be fulfilled.
2 Corinthians 5:19-21                                           19 To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.                                20 Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God.              21 For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him
God has given us believers the ministry of reconciliation; that is, He uses us to tell this lost and dying world that they can be reconciled to God through Christ. In this way, we become “Christ’s ambassadors”, as though God was making his appeal through us (2 Corinthians 5:20)”.
Verse 19 describes the ministry of reconciliation as proclaiming “the message of reconciliation”. The message we are to share with the world is this “Be reconciled to God” ( verse 20). We are to tell people of the wonderful opportunity they have to be made right with God through Jesus. We implore them to believe in Jesus Christ. Sins do not count against those who are reconciled to God through Christ, because “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that we might become the righteousness of God” (Verse 21).